Basketball Shooting Skills Analysis Task

Are you looking for an effective way to help your students or athletes improve their basketball shooting technique? We’ve created a fantastic resource specifically designed for use with the Replay It Chrome extension, which will enable your students to analyze and enhance their skills using real-time video feedback.

About the Resource:

Our basketball shooting technique analysis resource is a comprehensive lesson plan that includes a self-assessment rubric to help students evaluate their performance and identify areas for improvement. The lesson is suitable for a 45-minute class session and is designed to be engaging, interactive, and educational.

Using Replay It in Conjunction with the Resource:

The Replay It Chrome extension is a powerful tool that records videos and plays them back after a short time delay, providing immediate, hands-free visual feedback. By using Replay It in conjunction with our resource, students can watch their performance and assess their shooting technique based on the criteria provided in the self-assessment rubric. This combination of video feedback and self-assessment promotes self-reflection, personal responsibility, and a growth mindset in students’ sports performance development.

Download Links:

We are excited to share this resource with you, and we encourage you to download it and use it in your classes or coaching sessions. Click on the links below to access the lesson plan and self-assessment rubric:

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to help your students or athletes improve their basketball shooting skills. Download our resource and start using it with the Replay It Chrome extension today. Your students will love the engaging and interactive approach to skill development, and you’ll appreciate the ease and effectiveness of using video feedback to enhance performance.

Ready to get started? Download the Replay It Chrome extension here and take your basketball coaching to the next level!