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Video Delay on a Big Screen

What happens when you combine a big screen in your practical space with Replay It? Game changing teachable moments for you and your students.


Hands Free Video Feedback in PE

Its no secret that providing feedback to your students in crucial to helping them improve their motor skills. Imagine being able to create a hands


Self Assessments with Replay It

Imagine being able to have your students assess themselves with a rubric or performance checklist while watching their performance from a few seconds ago.


Introducing Replay It

If you’ve followed this website or completed any of our webinars you’ll know of my love for video delay based applications such as ‘BaM Video Delay‘ & ‘Video Coach‘. However, while these have been excellent for mobile devices I often get asked about tools that make video delay possible on laptops and chromebooks. The problem is that there really has been nothing available. So with this in mind, I set out to change it by bringing to life a FREE Video Delay tool for the Google Chrome Web Browser.

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