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Over the years, I’ve spoken to thousands of PE Teachers from around the globe about the power of Video Delay in the classroom. It’s a complete game-changer that takes what used to be possible with expensive and complicated systems and makes it a reality for everyone. Essentially these apps let you simultaneously record and display delayed video.

Ultimately enabling a PE Teacher or students to point their device towards any action in the PE classroom and after the performance has been completed, the performer has adequate time to return to the screen to see their skill in. It becomes a hands-free feedback machine.

With this in mind, I wanted to share 4 ways below that a PE Teacher might use Replay It in their classes.


Jarrod Robinson

Physical Education Teacher
Replay It Founder

5 Ways to Use Replay It in PE


1. Hands Free Feedback Loops

Teaching any discrete skills? Setup a laptop or Chromebook with the webcam pointing towards the action with a 5-10 second delay. After students complete the skill once they move to the laptop to review, repeating this process over and over in a hands free feedback loop.

2. Self & Peer Assessments

Have students assess themselves using an assessment sheet while watching their replays. This works really well when combined with multiple delay screens allowing them the chance to see the same performance multiple times while simultaneously assessing their performance against a rubric or checklist.  


3.Video Referee

Create your own video umpire during team games enabling an injured student to watch replays and make tough decisions for the class. A great addition to a Sports Education Unit.

4. Connect to a Large Screen

Connect Replay it to a large screen using a Chromecast or Projector cord . Fill your teaching space with excitement by offering large screen replays in your classes.


5.Teachable Moments

Imagine being able to stop play during team sports to highlight performance to the entire playing group. All the students would have to do is simply glance at the large screen from their current location to catch the teachable moment on replay. 

Show us Your PE Classroom

We’d love to see how you’re using Replay It in the PE classroom. Post a tweet and let us know via LIVE chat and we’ll add you to the page below. 

Classroom Resources

To help you introduce the Replay It into your classroom we have produced a collection of FREE resources. These can be downloaded and used with your students in conjunction with the app.
Check back regularly as we add more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All plans are created as subscriptions with automatic renewal. However, you can manage your account and cancel renewals at any time via your accounts page. 

All payment is completed online using Credit Card  (the exception is school membership). We’re more than happy to issue an invoice or official receipt following the payment.  If you require one of these visit let us know in the live chat.

Once payment has been completed you will be issued admin access credentials. Once inside you can add/remove users who will all then be able to login to the Replay It extension

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